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Classes & Groups

(last one of month)
Reiki Share
11.30 - 1pm &
5.30 - 7pm
Higher Dimension Meditation & Spiritual
Development Group
10am - 11.30am

Awaken Meditation & Spiritual
Development Group
5.30 - 7pm

~ High Dimensional Meditation Classes ~
Relaxation, Mediation & Development
Meditation is essential to spiritual Development and a quiet mind for general well being.  These classes are channelled for the higest good giving you guided meditation and spiritual development...      

Techniques to enhance a 'quiet mind' improve your development & intuition.  Many techniques are used within these sessions and will help you to gain knowledge and techniques for you to use at home.
Please note that the 'old' style of meditation is not 'working' for many as you shift into the 'new' energy and therefore you will find these group sessions different to perhaps other classes that have existed before.  The main difference is to assist you in 'being' the energy.
~ Awaken Group ~

High Dimension Meditation & Spiritual Awareness

Held fortnightly
Wednesdays 5.30 - 7 pm ~ £10 per session

This group is for those that would like to develop their understanding of the esoteric world... we will explore many subjects including all levels of psychic awareness, healing, mediumship, crystals, Angel casrds, Tarot, working with energy in many ways and so much more...


This group is also appriopriate for those of you that have previously sat in 'circle'.  The vibrational shifts that we are now experiencing as part of the Awakening means that dimensions, energies & awareness are changing.


So we must now learn to 'work' with the new energy & vibration which is direct... learning to 'be it'... 'The issue now is not the people that are not yet awake... but those that continue to work with the 'old' vibration'

We need to adapt and combine ancient knowledge and modern techniques!

~ Higher Vibration Group ~
Channelling and working on raising vibration & Dimensions!
Held fortnightly
Thursdays 10am - 11.30 am ~ £10 per session
This Group is for thoe of you that have already been developing your awareness and spirituality over a course of time.  Welcome to being drawn to this group and very special time when those of you working on a higher dimension, are needing 'more'..
This group meets fortnightly and works on simply 'being it'.. you will be working at different frequency levels of vibration... reaching such a place of oneness.  The group is formed of like minded souls working on a high vibration, for the highest good...
(Please note that this group is not about Psychic & Mediumshiop development ~ it is beyond)...!
~ Reiki Share ~
Continuing your 'Healing' Journey
Held last Wednesday of the month

Wednesdays 11.30am - 1pm & 5.30 - 7 pm ~ £6.50 per session
A Reiki Share for those with any level of Reiki certification ~ it is essential for you to continue with your healing journey.  Each session varies and brings like minded souls together.  Chanelled development and teachings, Healing and development in 'the new energy', Giving and Recieving Reiki, sharing experiences, asking any questions to assist with development.  These sessions allow you to continues with your Spiritual journey as Usui origional intended with Reiki as well as raising vibration.
For any level of Reiki certification ~ All welcome!

Spiritual Guidance

Mentoring / Life Purpose ~ (with Tracee Cullen)
This session will be dedicated to your individual needs/requirements regarding your life purpose, to help you on your chosen path or to help enlighten you to find it!  Incorporating channelled guidance & therapy to help you on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level & includes consultation.                                        
1½hrs / 2hrs Session ~ £60.00/£80.00