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~ Chi - Mind, Body & Spirit ~
Workshops,  Courses,  Inspiration, Training & Spiritual Development
Founded in 2004 by Tracee Cullen Chi - Mind, Body & Spirit is now celebrating 13 years!  Also founder of Retreats & Hoilidays Ltd in 2011, High Dimensional Awaken & Healing Programme & AWAKENED - Holistic Healing Event in 2016.

Continually evolving and developing;  Initially to set the standards and provide quality Holistic Treatments & Eastern Therapies within North Devon & developed throughout the UK.  Over time we evolved into providing a centre for Spiritual Developmet, Meditation & Classes.  We now are recognised as an Academy specilising in High Dimensional Workshops, Courses & Retreats.

Tracee Cullen ~  High Dimensional Teacher, Mentor & Retreat Facilitator..  "I have and continue to devlop as guided.  My time and work is dedicated to help many people/souls to 'Awaken' by holding the 'space' for them to find themselves and follow their path, raise vibration & reach their full potential.  There is nothing more rewarding in seeing someone find their wings & fly."
"The vibration now is for us to evolve collectively to work togethr in Unity.. alone we can achieve much but together there is no limit."
This can be achieve in many ways and when working with an individual I not longer 'label' what I do, but work with each individual specifically using my intuitiion and channelled spiritual guidance.

Long ago I reeduced the 'one to one' sessions that I offered (I now no longer give one to one sessions) based on the raising of vibration and awareness that the energy has shfted..  my ''work' is my vocation and I am here to assist souls to 'Awaken' themselves.. So to empower others is my ultimate path.. this way you are able to assist yourself.. it is for me to help you find your way
not for you to rely on regular sessions with me!

There comes a point in the healing process that you have a 'soul choice' to move forward and let go of what has been holding you back and The High Dimensional Awaken & Healing Courses taht I offer will highlight to you what your Mind, Body & Spirit are telling you, to enable you to make this personal choice and embraces the changes required!

During this process I find that my group sessions give healing & chanelled guidance as required for you as an individual,  it is now simply for us to collectively to realise that this is 'a new way' because it is of new vibration and empowering for you..
I no longer offer regular weekly/monthly treatments with me as I find that the vibration that I now work with does not require it however I can when we have completed our session/s recommend many amazing therapists that have trained or worked with me or that I am aware of to enable you to continue to help you for relaxation to maintain your progress should you still feel that you would benefit.
Tracee Cullen.
~ Retreats & Holidays Ltd ~
 North Devon, Glastonbury, India/Goa & Greek Islands

Retreats & Holidays was founded to create retreats that offer you a guided trip to experience culture, vibrational portals and incorporate soul development for your highest good.  The India/Goa retreats have been established since 2010 and the 1st Greek Island retreat was in Septemeber 2014.

All retreats have been created with love and channelled guidance bringing together previous experiences of working for a British tour operator and living and working overseas in India & Greece for 7 years as well as growing up in North Devon.

Available overseas Retreats:
'Finding You' Retreats
High Dimensional Meditation Retreats

'Replenish & Evolve'

Available Devon/Glastonbury UK Retreats:
High Dimensional Awaken & Healing Programme

Reiki Retreat for all levels of certification
Meditation & Relaxation


Guided Trips to explore culture & experiences with a lifetime of memories!


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